Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist

Justus Glesker

Hamelin, c.1615 – Frankfurt, 1681

8325, 8326

Ivory, height: 23cm

These two statuettes arrived at the Galleria with the conspicuous collection bequeathed by Marquis Obizzi of Catajo. A wood and ivory sculptor, Glesker undertook an important study visit to Italy, staying at length in Rome where he could study both Classical, Renaissance and contemporary sculpture. He was particularly influenced by the masterpieces of Flemish sculptor Francois Duquesnoy, his Modenese statuettes clearly employing his fluid, enveloping fold patterns . The two statuettes at the Galleria are based on two similar wooden figures carved by Glesker between 1648 and 1649 for the Crucifixion group kept at Bamberg Cathedral.