Giovan Battista Cassarini

Sorgnano (Carrara), 1643 – Carrara, 1700


White Carrara marble, cm. 60,5 x 19,5 x 6

The violin was made, presumably upon commission on behalf of duke Francesco II d’Este, in 1867, as demonstrated by the signature which it carries on the inside of the harmonic board “D.O.M.Gio: Batista Casarini/Carrara 1687”, which also proved to be essential when it came to attributing the creation to him.

The instrument is made of white marble and adorned with marble paste made to appear red and yellow. The main body of the violin is as just as decorated on the harmonic table as on the ends and sides. The table is enriched by a drawing which depicts a red fan-like shape embellished by vegetation and small flowers with petals.