Monument of Ludovico Castelvetro

The sixteenth to the eighteenth century


Various marbles and limestone, height: 360cm

As explained in the epigraph at the bottom, this singular monument was created in Chiavenna in 1791 to commemorate Ludovico Castelvetro (Modena, 1505 – Chiavenna, 1571), one of the most prominent intellectuals of the sixteenth century. This great interpreter of Aristotle and protagonist of the infamous polemics with Annibale Caro died in exile, tainted by the charge of heresy levelled against him by the Inquisition. The epigraphic monument is framed by columns that hold up an architrave, themselves flanked by Portoro marble pyramids. At the top, a small sarcophagus acts as a pedestal for the portrait bust that was probably made in the fifteen-hundreds, perhaps even commissioned in Modena before 1554. The City Council bought this monument in 1874. In 1897 the ensemble with its generic references to funerary architecture joined the Lapidario Estense.