Madonna and Child in Glory, Saint Jerome, Saint Francis of Assisi and two worshippers from the Suxena Family (Madonna of the Clouds)

Garofalo (Benvenuto Tisi)

Ferrara, c. 1481 – 1559


Oil on panel, cm 242 x 146

With this work, Garofalo produced the masterpiece of his early maturity, and achieved a perfect balance between the lessons of Raphael and Giorgione. The composition closely follows that of Raphael’s Madonna of Foligno (1511-12). This composition divides the painting into two halves in a way that was to become canonical, with the sacred family at the top and the saints and donors at the bottom. The style of painting, though, especially in the landscape, and the naturalism of the clouds with angels peeping out from behind them, are exquisite derivations from Giorgione.