Dpuble Harp

Liutaio romano

Circle of Giovan Battista Giacometti, 1581


maple, pear and Swiss pine, tempera, lacquer, cm. 152 x 49 cm

The harp, commissioned by Duke Alfonso II d’Este for the famous concert of the damsels of Margherita Gonzaga, was destined to Laura Peperara, whom alongside Livia D’arco and Anna Guarini organized a concert of secret music which transformed Ferrara into a refined center of musical culture.

The harp was built in Rome in 1581, coordinated through the ducal ambassador Giulio Masetti, in a workshop of the clique of Giovanni Battista Giacometti, it consisted of a modern harp, made of maple wood and varnished pear tree wood, composed of a double row of 58 strings.

The decoration of the harp, done between 1587 and 1589, was assigned to Giulio Marescotti, a painter from Ferrara. On the other hand, the design of the upper incisions and decorations was executed by Giuseppe Mazzuoli, who decorated the viola and the lute destined to Livia and Anna. The decoration was then completed by Orazio Lamberti, from the Flemish city of Aarsele, whilst the golden layover was done by Giovan Battista Roselli.