Deposition of Christ in the Tomb with Franciscan Saintsn

Pittore ferrarese

metà del XV secolo


Wooden panel, 130 x 215cm

This panel from an oratory in the Ferrarese Monastero del Corpus Domini is traditionally attributed to Galasso, the mysterious painter who Vasari believed was a student of Piero della Francesca during the master’s stay in Ferrara. Current art criticism has emphasised how this painting resonates with mainstream Ferrarese painting during the mid-fifteenth century: a luminosity reminiscent of Piero della Francesca; the same use of perspective as intarsia masters Cristoforo and Lorenzo Canozi of Lendinara (seen in the tomb’s rigorous foreshortening); and the influence of Donatello’s sculpture and Paduan painting in the contrived expressivity in the mourner’s faces. The painting’s provenance from a Poor Clare Convent explains the presence of numerous Franciscan saints at Christ’s entombment. The presence of Saint Bernardine of Siena, canonised in 1450, would suggest that the work was made shortly thereafter.