Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Christ


C. 179

Modern print from woodcut matrix, 394 x 275 x 26mm

The three matrixes depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ belonged to the collection of the Modenese engraver Soliani. The matrixes drew on two copper engravings from 1575 by Venetian artist Giacomo Valegio, who in turn was reproducing a painting by the Lombard Antonio Campi (probably executed around 1569, potentially on commission of Saint Carlo Borromeo).

The woodcut matrixes depart from the copper version on certain details: a lamb is at the foot of the cross instead of a dog and a large, seemingly unjustified, gap at is seen at both sides of the central cross. 

Furthermore, all three matrices are the work of different artists: the central matrix with its curved parallel lines is reminiscent of woodcutting practice in the late-sixteenth-century Venetian tradition; the matrixes at either side may be associated with the style of other woodcuts in the same Modenese collection due to the decisive, hooked path of the lines.