Mission & Vision

Raffaello Ritratto di donna 1520

Gallerie Estensi’s mission is to conserve, study and enhance the collections in its care for the delight and instruction of the community it serves. The museum sees itself as a vital and inclusive place where visitors can forge a personal and significant relationship with art, encouraging cultural growth within themselves and their city. As the keeper of an extremely important historic heritage, the museum also aims to be a centre for research, study, dissemination and socialisation, and aims to share and communicate its knowledge with the public via all the means available.

Gallerie Estensi’s sites testify to the history and culture of a large geographical area. As part of a regional network with a diverse cultural offering, the museums aim to meet the needs and expectations of all its visitors. Overseeing several institutions, the new museum extends beyond physical and administrative geographical borders, and represents a single and purposeful voice of a shared cultural identity. Gallerie Estensi’s sites therefore, as well as being places for socialising and learning, are sources of delight and continuous exchange between the cities of Ferrara, Modena and Sassuolo, as well as tourist destinations.

As a body, Gallerie Estensi is working to increase its scientific activity and become a centre for the research and dissemination of knowledge, which it undertakes to share via all means available, particularly new technologies. The museum’s activities will thus be carried out with an eye to the local context, in the sense that it gives voice to a regional cultural identity through exhibitions, events, conferences and activities that appeal to local people. But the museum also intends to communicate this identity globally through online resources and via the world of Digital Humanities, thus contribute to the advancement of the study of humanities and the dissemination of the values they represent.



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