What can be requested?
The museum spaces overseen by Gallerie Estensi shown in the attachment.
What activities are permitted?

Only activities that respect the artistic and historic merit of the building and spaces used, and do not compromise their conservation, as judged by the Administration. A detailed description of the event is thus required when the estimate is requested.

How do I go ahead with hiring a space?

First you must request an estimate by email from using the attached form, at least 45 days before the date of the event. The Administration will send an estimate (valid for 90 days) listing the costs. If the estimate is acceptable, a venue-hire agreement will be issued.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the type of event planned and the number of participants etc. You will also be responsible for the cost of the Gallery’s security staff. The cost is set out in the estimate and must be paid in advance. If there are any changes to the plans, these must be communicated to the Administration and authorised in advance, otherwise the fee will be recalculated. In general, the client pays for:

  • the cost of hiring the space
  • the cost of the Gallerie Estensi staff
  • the expense of cleaning the rooms and returning them to their original set-up after the event
  • the cost of any registration fees, taxes, other charges or SIAE (Italian Authors’ and Publishers’ Association) where music or theatre performances are planned
  • the cost of the insurance policy quoted in the estimate and compensation for any damage not covered by the policy ceiling
  • (if applicable) the cost of an additional surety policy (or the deposit of a bank draft) if the Administration deems it necessary for the type of event planned
  • (if applicable) the expense of any technical set-up, dismantling and any safeguards relating to electrical systems or service lifts (these will be carried out by companies awarded the relevant contract that year by Gallerie Estensi)
  • any further requirements for events of that type determined by under current legislation (eg DUVRI, authorisation from the Supervisory Commission for public entertainment, fire prevention, safety in the workplace, etc.)
What guarantees must I provide?

An insurance policy will always be required, and additional surety may also be requested.

Is it possible to do a site-visit?

Of course, but at least 15 days’ notice must be given. Up to 5 people can visit the museum spaces for a maximum of 45 minutes.

Am I free to publicise the event?

The dissemination of any kind of information or promotional materials such as catalogues, brochures, invitations, menus, etc. must be authorised by the Administration in advance: the hirer must send the material (also via e-mail, in pdf) to Gallerie Estensi allowing time for it to be assessed and approved by the Director (who may request changes if necessary).

Can I make and share audio-visual recordings?

Permission must be sought to make audio-visual recordings, specifying the intended use of the footage. As a rule, even if authorised, filming is only allowed for internal documentation purposes or for strictly personal reasons. Different uses (e.g. for publicity etc.) must be requested and authorised in advance. If any images and/or films made during the hire period are disseminated, the hirer will be held solely responsible for any violations of privacy regulations.

Can I record with drones?

The use of drones for filming must be specifically requested. In the absence of a request and subsequent authorisation, the use of drones or similar equipment is prohibited.

Are those attending the event free to visit the rest of the museum/site?

As a rule, access is limited to the spaces that have been hired. If you want to allow your guests to visit other parts of the site, you will need to specify this when requesting the quote.

What happens if the actual event is different what was requested?

Any changes to the original plans must be requested in good time to be approved by the Administration. If the hirer does not communicate the changes or does not comply with the programme authorised by the Administration, the latter has the right to recalculate the fee, to cancel the hire of the spaces, and even to halt an event already underway. In this case, the fees already paid will not be refunded.

If I have other doubts?

Send an email to